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Why Visit Pembrokeshire in Autumn 2022? Narberth!

🍂 Why visit Pembrokeshire this Autumn?

Whilst Narberth is home to Celtic Holiday Park’s own Noble Court Holiday Park and the delicious and quirky Charlie’s Celtic Tavern, this small town is also packed with historic interest and boutique shops too. If you’re looking to explore, grab some lunch, or purchase a holiday souvenir, the small bustling town of Narberth may be perfect for your needs.

Narberth Castle
Although small, Narberth Castle holds a bountiful amount of history and culture within its walls. The exact origins of the Castle remain a little bit of a mystery, but it’s believed that the castle is spoken of in the Mabinogion (which holds stories of Welsh myth and legend). Legend has it that Pwyll, Prince of Wales, used Narberth castle as his home, however, the structure you see now was built by Andrew Perrott in the 13th century.
Visit Castle Wales for more information on Narberth Castle

Rebecca’s cell
Continuing with the history of Narberth, located in the centre of the town is Rebecca’s cell which also has an important historical meaning to the county. During the 1830s and 40s, farmers and agricultural workers protested against the increasing levels of taxation. The rioters would dress as women and were named after the biblical Rebekah, becoming “The Rebecca Rioters”. The cell was used mainly to imprison the rioters from around the county, thus becoming “Rebecca’s Cell”. The cell is at the bottom of the tower, whilst the upper level is now used as a shop owned by the Golden Sheaf Gallery.

Narberth’s Spanish deli may only be small, unlike its backstory. Ultracomidia was founded in Aberystwyth in 2001, starting off as a small deli with a focus on selling meats and cheeses originating from Spain, France, and Wales. After enlarging their Aberystwyth shop to include a dining area, owners Paul and Shumana decided to expand to Narberth bringing some European culture and cuisine to the town. The deli prides itself on selling produce which has been sourced directly from the producer. In addition there is a small restaurant towards the rear of the building that uses the majority of its ingredients straight from the deli counter.
For more information visit

The Hwb
At Hwb you’ll experience a more casual dining style, with a range of up to four street food eateries to choose a perfect option for your next dining experience. This recent addition to Narberth houses four small local businesses that specialise in different type of street food including burgers, tacos, Thai and loaded fries. The building was once home to the old school now welcoming customers to enjoy light bites and locally brewed alcoholic beverages from The Tenby Brewing Co amongst others. Child and dog friendly, perfect for families to enjoy.
For information and events running please check

It’s fair to say Narberth has seen many changes over the years with new shops popping up all over town, but Narberth’s most recent addition has an important purpose behind it. The new café doesn’t serve alcohol and is used to host support groups for customers to have a safe space to talk about their issues. The three creators were brought together by different tragedies reinforcing their ambition to create a safe giving back to a community that has supported them through their struggles. Enjoy freshly baked cakes, coffees, breakfast, and lunch.
To read the full backstory in why the café was formed and for other general information visit

Rock ‘n Rolla Emporium
One of Narberth’s hidden gems comes in the form of a fab and funky clothing shop. Rock ‘n Rolla Emporium provides clothing items for people who crave colour and personality in their outfits. Inside you’ll find a plethora of clothing items that recreates retro and vintage styles for people to fall back in love with clothing. Most products are not vintage themselves but use vintage patterns and styles to add a burst of personality to each item of clothing. The shop provides clothes for women, men, and children, perfect for a matching family outfit.
To see their full stock of clothing visit

Narberth Museum
Looking to explore more of Narberth’s history? Whilst Narberth has historical landmarks for you to visit, to understand the full backstory on why these locations are so important visit Narberth’s Museum and expand your historical Welsh knowledge. The museum houses scale models of Narberth castle, and a working model of the train station with trains running to the original timetable. The walls are decorated with scriptures from the Mabinoguion telling stories from myths and legends about the castle, along with artefacts uncovered for the public to observe. The museum also has a section dedicated to younger children where families can sit together and listen to stories from Welsh folklore in either English or Welsh.
For more information such as opening times and prices, visit

The Malthouse Antiques
Down a small alleyway just off Narberth High Street, you’ll find an antique shop where there is more than meets the eye. The Malthouse specialises in antiques of all different kinds, ranging from furniture, collectables, and even vintage maps. You’ll find multiple floors with a collective of rooms that each contain different types of antiques. Inside you’ll find each room has its own specialist that will help you find what you need. Find something that’s too big to put in your suite case? No worries, The Malthouse offers a delivery service. For more information and to view a list of specialists, visit The Malthouse website at

This article just has a small taste of the independent stores within the town, enjoy exploring!

🚌 Narberth is accessible via the train and bus services.

🛏 Stay a while by booking your accommodation at or call 01834 861908 for further information.

Article produced by Iuan Jenkins

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